Seventy-year-old mom tests Tesla's self-driving mode.

Tesla news are all over the internet these days as the company launched the brand new Model 3 and the facelifted Model S in less than two weeks. The show must go on, they say, and here we have what we could call a real show - a 70-year-old lady testing out Tesla's self-driving mode on the Model S.

We are not going to ruin the fun of watching this grandma freaking out while being behind the wheel of a Model S with activated Autopilot by giving explanations of what exactly happened. We’ll just note that she asked several times the person she was riding with to turn off that function and give her the power to control the vehicle, looking deeply frightened

“Oh, this is so scary,” she screamed. “It’s my first day out, and I’m about to die. Oh, my God, Bill. I couldn’t do it.”

Finally, she gets the control of the car when her son asks her to jump on the brakes and grab the steering wheel.


Source: True Colors

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