Publication takes an unprecedented look into the future.

Motor Trend has taken an unprecedented look at what the long-rumored Apple Car could look like and how it could change the auto industry as we know it.

Over the course of several articles (see the list below), the car magazine explores a variety of different issues and possibilities regarding the highly publicized but rarely acknowledged Project Titan. The magazine also enlisted ArtCenter grad student Garrett DeBry to create some renderings of the what the Apple Car could look like following a brainstorming session about things that Apple might want to incorporate. What they came up with isn’t very Apple-like in its elegance or beauty, but the exercise they go through to get there is an interesting one to follow.

Possible features mentioned include a wireless induction charging system for it’s all-electric powertrain, full length turn signals, and a high-tech interior, with Siri along for the ride, of course. Motor Trend also suggests the car could use proximity sensing, which would enable it to recognize drivers by their iPhone or Apple Watch. When a known driver is detected, the Apple Car could automatically unlock itself and set the audio, climate control, and navigation system to their usual preferences.

Besides talking about the car itself, Motor Trend discussed the model with others in the auto industry to get their insight. In particular, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne said, “The advice that I’ve given them is if they do have any urges to build a car is to lay down and wait until the feeling passes." Others cautioned the company could spend billions of dollars on the model only to end up with something that's not desirable and unique enough to standout from the crowd. Of course, some were more upbeat and welcomed the potential competition and noted cars have becoming rolling pieces of technology so it would be interesting to see what Apple could come up with.

Other automotive news outlets have been vocally annoyed by Motor Trend’s speculative undertaking, or more specifically, how it misleadingly tweeted many times the day before about maybe having real news to share. The tweets were carefully crafted to incite the most possible interest, but that aside, we found the whole project fascinating. After all, when is the last time a storied car magazine put so much effort into covering a car that doesn’t exist from a company that doesn’t make cars? It even made the June cover!

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