It took BMW more than a decade to bring back the M Touring, but we're just glad it's finally here as a suitable alternative to high-performance SUVs. The first-ever M3 with a long roof made the journey to the Nürburgring where Ben Collins aka "The Stig" had fun in the super wagon. The former Top Gear star sampled the belated AMG C63 Estate and Audi RS4 Avant competitor on the Grand Prix layout of the famous German circuit.

Much like its domestic rivals, the 2023 M3 Touring is sold exclusively with all-wheel drive. However, BMW has engineered a clever xDrive system that allows drivers to choose a rear-wheel-drive behavior for tail-happy experiences. Naturally, it didn't take Ben Collins too long until he selected the 2WD mode from the infotainment system.

2023 BMW M3 Touring

If you can live with the humongous kidney grille, the M3 Touring truly is a do-it-all type of car. BMW has gone to great lengths to make the wagon just as enjoyable as the sedan and judging by The Stig's reaction, the extra weight is barely felt. The car he sampled had the optional bucket seats with carbon shells, which he found to be surprisingly comfortable while hooning the speedy wagon around the 'Ring.

The adjacent video has been posted by Drivetribe, which happens to own the previous M Touring – an M5 E61 with a naturally aspirated V10 5.0-liter engine. BMW has alluded it'll revive the bigger performance wagon and we'll see prototypes of it soon testing on the very same Nürburgring. It is believed the M5 Touring will go on sale around 2025, and unlike its smaller brother, the Bavarians intend to bring it to North America.

In the meantime, the M3 Touring will be available outside of the US, including right-hand-drive markets. BMW sells the versatile vehicle only in the Competition guise with an automatic transmission. With a generous load capacity of 500 liters (17.6 cubic feet) behind the rear seats, the fast estate can comfortably accommodate a dog while Ben Collins dances with the car around the track. Folding the rear bench increases volume to 1,510 liters (53.3 cubic feet).

At just under €100,000 at home in Germany before options, the M3 Touring certainly isn't cheap. However, it is (probably) ideal for a one-car garage provided you don't find the front grille and tacked-on screens of the iDrive 8 to be dealbreakers.

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