“Q by Aston Martin” has introduced a series of special wings to celebrate the start of this year’s endurance series.

Commissioned by the company’s customization division “Q by Aston Martin,” the bespoke badges were made by Birmingham-based Jewellery Quarter. Each and every one of the pieces celebrates the rounds of the 2016 endurance championship. To give you an example, for the upcoming 6 Hours of Silverstone (April 15-17), all three V8 Vantage GTEs will get a bespoke wing inspired by the union flag. For the other eight rounds, the cars will have different wings as a nod to the respective location of the track.

Both old and new technologies were combined to create the wings by using age-old jewelry making machinery and the latest CAD equipment. Work started with the initial pressing and then the badges went through an annealing process to ensure the durability and strength of the wings.

After that, the badges went through a chipping process in order to remove any ridges in the metal. The colors were then applied manually by hand and then the wings were linished with a fine grindstone to obtain a smooth surface. Once this step was completed, the badges were fired to glaze and then polished to create a shiny appearance before being plated.

It all sounds very impressive, but what we’d really like to see more road-going cars with the Lagonda moniker, hopefully cheaper than the insanely expensive £696,000 sedan.

Source: Aston Martin Racing

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