Update: In a statement to Variety, Leno reportedly confirmed he received serious burns from a gasoline fire but that he was okay, and would be back on his feet in a week or two.

Comedian and avid car collector Jay Leno is reportedly recovering from burns to his face, stemming from a fire at his garage in Los Angeles. The incident occurred Sunday, with TMZ reporting Leno having burns on the left side of his face. No other individuals were mentioned as being injured.

It is unclear at this time the extent of Leno's injuries. TMZ calls the burns serious, or at least, serious enough to be admitted to the burn ward at Grossman Burn Center. It's also unclear as to exactly what happened, with TMZ stating one of his cars burst into flames. The specific car, as well as the condition of other cars and his garage, are unknown. The report further states that Leno has canceled all his engagements for the coming week.

Having served as the host of The Tonight Show for over 20 years, Leno is arguably more well-known for his incredible car collection. During his tenure on The Tonight Show, Leno would often drive various vehicles from his collection to work. His garage is filled with a very wide range of classic and modern cars, including everything from turn-of-the-century steam-driven vehicles to exotics and modern-day hypercars.

Leno started his own YouTube channel Jay Leno's Garage while still serving as The Tonight Show host. CNBC eventually picked up Leno after his talk show retirement to host a slightly different version of his YouTube series, aimed more at vehicular entertainment. Meanwhile, Leno continues to feature vehicles from his collection and a plethora of specialty vehicles from other enthusiasts on his YouTube channel.

The preliminary report from TMZ claims the burns on Leno's face did not affect his eye or ear. Of course, we wish the very best for Leno and his family and look forward to a speedy recovery for the motoring icon. We will update our article with new information as it becomes available.

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