Revamped Top Gear show will air its first episode in May and still we get signs there's a pressure between leading hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

In February this year BBC revealed the full lineup of Top Gear hosts that includes seven members with leading roles for Evans and actor LeBlanc. Shortly after it was reported by The Sun “Matt was never Chris’s choice – it was a decision forced upon him to attract the US market.”

Looks like things are getting even more complicated these days, if we are to believe a new report by Entertainment Daily. It all started with a drift stunt (check out the video below) by LeBlanc at The Cenotaph, a First World War monument in London, which was described by Evans as being bad for the show's image and led to his public apology on Twitter.

“On behalf of the op Gear team and Matt and I would like to apologize unreservedly,” Evans declared on a radio speech.

According to The Sun, Evans relationship with Friends star has since become “very frosty,” while LeBlanc contradicted he is not “at war with Chris Evans” via his Twitter channel.

We don’t know what the current situation is but most likely Evans and LeBlanc will have to get over the problem, as the new Top Gear show is scheduled to launch in less than a month from now.

Source: Autoblog, The Sun, Entertainment Daily, and Daily News

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