Company is committed to setting a new lap record in the One:1.

Following the removal of speed limits on the Nürburgring earlier this year, Koenigsegg has announced plans to return to the Nordschleife in the near future.

In post on the company's website, the automaker reiterated its goal of setting a new lap record in the One:1.  However, the company revealed this will take some time as a Nürburgring record "doesn’t just happen" without extensive preparation.

The process will likely take several months as the company plans to participate in a number of private track days before making a record breaking attempt.  As Koenigsegg explained, a driver needs intimate knowledge of the car and track in order to make a successful record breaking attempt.

Koenigsegg factory driver Robert Serwanski will be supporting the company's effects by optimizing the vehicle's setup.  However, he likely won't be making the record breaking attempt as Koenigsegg is eyeing someone with more experience on the Nürburgring.  Even when a driver is found, they will need to become accustomed to the One:1 as the model is "far more powerful than most rear-wheel-drive cars."

The company went on to say a record breaking attempt may or may not happen this year as a number of different factors are involved.  These include track and driver availability as well as other issues such as the weather.

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