Car spotters were on scene to film a brand new Bugatti Chiron being unloaded from a transport trailer.

With a blue Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse up top and a black Chiron at the bottom, it would be the understatement of the year to say that transport trailer was carrying valuable cargo. The two clips at the end of the article show Bugatti’s new beast being unloaded before entering the company’s dealership in Monaco.

The car’s design is downright spectacular, with cues of the Veyron and the Vision Gran Turismo merged to create a stunning body with a full-width rear light. Compared to its predecessor, the Chiron is longer, wider, taller, and 341 pounds (155 kilograms) heavier. It looks more imposing than the Veyron and the stronger visual impact it makes is matched by a 1,500-hp output.

Only 500 units will ever be made at €2.4M / $2.61M a pop, but fewer than 350 units are now available since Bugatti received many orders even before revealing the car in public at the Geneva Motor Show.

What we have here in the videos is certainly not a customer car since Bugatti says deliveries will kick off in October. Production will take place at the Molsheim factory in France where the Veyron was put together and in 2018 the Chiron will likely be joined by a targa derivative. That one is obviously going to be even more expensive than the coupe and will be part of the Chiron’s 500-unit production run.

Gallery: Bugatti Chiron unloaded at Monaco dealer

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