Folks, it's that time of year again. Those of us living in the northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere are bracing for winter, which has arrived in force this week for some sections of the United States and Canada. The change in weather inevitably catches a few motorists off-guard, but we don't often see first responders falling victim to slick roads.

That's exactly what happened to not one, or two, but three drivers in the town of Williams Lake, nestled in British Columbia approximately 340 miles north of Vancouver. According to, the season's first notable snowfall recently struck the area and it was bad enough to cause power outages. Some roads were closed as a result, but apparently this residential street wasn't among them. Or perhaps it was ... we don't have full details but thanks to David Dean on TikTok, we have video of two police cars and a pickup truck from the fire department helplessly sliding down a hill.


We suspect authorities were on the scene to either assist other motorists, close the street, or both. Several vehicles are seen either off the road or stacked up in minor collisions, and its compounded by an unmarked police SUV being pushed by a Williams Lake Fire Department truck down the hill. The video doesn't capture how steep the incline is, but the slow-motion slide-by of the camera and ensuing collision tells you all you need to know.

But wait, there's more.


A second TikTok video from Dean zooms in on a decidedly marked police SUV of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As before, the vehicle slides helplessly past the camera as the driver steers left and right, trying to find some traction but it's all in vain. The Ford Explorer patrol car bumps into the truck, causing minor damage but no injuries.


It seems our friends to the north aren't without a sense of humor about all this. Williams Lake RCMP shared a fun photo on Facebook celebrating the now viral pair of videos, complete with a cake given to them from BC Health Services. It's also a great opportunity for the police to remind motorists that winter is back, and to drive with caution. It's sound advice, as folks involved in a 100-car pile-up last week in Denver found out the hard way. Stay safe out there, everyone.

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