Concept was jointly-developed with college students.

Toyota has teamed up with students at Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research to create the uBox concept.

Created over the course of two years, the uBox concept features unique styling that is designed to appeal to Generation Z buyers who are people born after 1995.

The car's unique styling won't appeal to everyone but the model has LED daytime running lights, reverse opening rear doors, and a curved glass roof that is supported by "composite carbon fiber rails bonded with aluminum."

The interior is highly customizable as it features reconfigurable and removable seats which are mounted on sliding tracks.  The students wanted drivers to be able to personalize the interior so they envisioned an online community where owners can share designs for customized air vents and display bezels as well as unique door trim.  These designs could then be downloaded and reproduced using a 3D printer.

Toyota declined to mention performance specifications but confirmed the uBox has an electric powertrain.  The model also has an assortment of 110-volt outlets which can be used to power everything from tools to a laptop.

The uBox was created as part of a unique partnership called Deep Orange.  Toyota says it immerses students into every aspect of automotive development including everything from market research and design studies to engineering and manufacturing.

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