The electric crossover's third-row seats could fold forward in the event of a crash.

Tesla is recalling roughly 2,700 examples of its Model X crossover due to faulty third-row seats that can possibly fold forward in the event of a crash. The company says all of the affected models were built before March 26, 2016 and all are in the US – most already in the hands of customers.

According to The Verge, Tesla’s rear seat recliner setup passed 15 previous tests, but failed a 16th that was conducted prior to European market deliveries. The company cites a problem with manufacturing, not the seat’s overall design.

“The recliner, which is provided to us by an outside supplier, is the locking hinge that allows the third row seat back to fold forward, and if a recliner were to slip during a crash, the seat back could move forward,” Tesla said in its official statement to owners. (The Verge published the letter in its entirety.)

All 2,700-ish vehicles are expected to be repaired in the next five weeks. Owners will need to bring the vehicles in for a service appointment that’ll take roughly two hours. For now, owners are advised not to use the rear seats for transporting people.

Source: The Verge

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