Toyota, Uber, and The Huffington Post have joined forces to offer discounted Uber rides this month to college students across the United States.

 The three companies are coming together in a combined effort to raise awareness regarding the dangerous of drowsy driving. Huffington Post’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, will tour college campuses across the United States in April to talk about the importance of sleep and also to promote her latest book entitled “The Sleep Revolution.” Students from participating colleges will automatically qualify for a $15 price cut for an Uber ride to or from campus thanks to Toyota.

It should be mentioned the discount will be available only for five days from the visit and students will be informed via an e-mail or push notification from the Uber smartphone app. Students are going to receive a promo code along with a message from Toyota saying ”Nice work studying late. Now Toyota would like to help you get home safely.”

The reason why the discount is directed to students is because they are known for neglecting sleep. As a matter a fact, a study released in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep has revealed 70% of students are not sleeping enough. It’s a known fact sleep deprivation can cause damages to the body and brain, so needless to say the danger is real.

Sleepy drivers represent a serious threat on U.S. roads, causing around 8,000 deaths each year which is actually not that far off compared to the 9,967 deaths related to drunk driving in 2014, based on the Fatality Analysis Reporting System 2014 Annual Report.


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