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One Skoda dealer in Ireland is confident the latest Superb has what it takes to go up against the BMW 5 Series. At Pilsen Auto, prospect Superb buyers are invited to take a BMW 5 Series for a test drive and compare it to Skoda’s biggest car on sale today. This is a rather bold move coming from the dealer and it goes to show the high level of confidence VW’s Czech brand has in its flagship model.

You can imagine the price difference between the two is huge, as it should since the Superb is a mainstream model whereas the 5 Series competes in the premium segment. A base Superb hatchback kicks off at €26,995 in Ireland while an entry-level 5 Series sedan starts at €45,200. That’s an €18,205 difference between the two cars, but Skoda believes the Superb can genuinely compete with the more established Bavarian model.

The thing is, we don’t know how many people with the money to buy a brand new BMW 5 Series or another premium midsize sedan would actually even consider getting the Superb. That being said, with this move Skoda is trying to make a statement, saying that a car that is even cheaper than a Volkswagen Passat can be a viable alternative to models competing in a much bigger league, price-wise.

Source: Pilsen Auto

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