Series lands on Amazon Prime this fall.

Amazon has released a new promotional video for its upcoming series starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

In the clip, the three presenters debate what the new show should be called.  This is harder than it looks as Clarkson and May shoot down Hammond's suggestions of Auto Mates and Tripod.  Clarkson isn't much help either as all his suggestions are related to the rock band Genesis.  The video ends with the hashtag #TheStillVeryMuchUntitledClarksonHammondMayAmazonPrimeShowComingAutumn2016.

Following the video's release, Clarkson was inundated with suggestions on Twitter.  However, he followed up by tweeting the show can't have the word "gear" in it for legal reasons. 

This isn't terribly surprising as Clarkson was fired from Top Gear following a highly publicized "fracas" with producer Oisin Tymon.  A BBC investigation into the incident determined Tymon was subjected to an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack” by Clarkson who was upset after not being given steak for dinner following a day of filming.  The physical attack lasted for approximately 30 seconds and left Tymon with a swollen and bloody lip.

Tymon eventually sued Clarkson and the case was recently settled.  The terms haven't been released but reports suggested Clarkson paid approximately $139,135 in damages.