Dashcam mounted inside a commercial truck captures frightening footage with an oncoming semi truck going over a downed tree.

The accident took place earlier this month in Carlisle River, Victoria, Australia when a speeding semi truck failed to stop in time and drove over a fallen tree. The woman driving what appears to be an older Volkswagen Jetta made the exact same mistake and damaged her car. That’s why in the video we see her asking for help, prompting the commercial truck driver from where the clip was recorded to stop and provide her with the necessary assistance.

All of the sudden, a loose semi truck is heading towards the two after going over the downed tree. It ultimately hits the damaged Jetta sitting on the side of the road, but somehow the woman escapes without any injuries. You can imagine the compact sedan suffered extensive damages, but that doesn’t really matter as long as the woman is now safe and sound.

The out-of-control truck only hit the Jetta, with the other big rig and the driver escaping unscathed. Certainly the odds were in their favor that day, as the speeding semi truck could have caused a tragedy. Luckily for the woman, she acted fast upon seeing the incoming behemoth and jumped into the adjacent forest, thus managing to escape without even a single scratch.