Germany Federal Motor Transport Authority is investigating the issue

The Dieselgate saga shows no signs of slowing down as Volkswagen has suffered yet another setback.

According to reports of Germany, the company's recall has been delayed as the fix is reportedly increasing fuel consumption on Passat models.  When Automotive News Europe inquired about the delay, the automaker confirmed the recall has been temporarily halted but dismissed claims of increased fuel consumption as "speculation." 

The unnamed spokesperson went on to say authorities are still investigating whether or not the Dieselgate fix causes an increase in fuel consumption.  As they noted, "We have to guarantee that noise and especially CO2 emissions are exactly the same as before the fix."

The Germany Federal Motor Transport Authority was expected to have its investigation completed by March 27th but it appears the agency needed additional time.  However, it now appears a determination will be made by the end of this week or next week.

When the agency signs off on the fix, Volkswagen will resume fixing affected Passat models before moving to on to other vehicles including the Audi A4 and A5 as well as the Skoda Superb.  The process will continue for the foreseeable future as Volkswagen will recall about 2.5 million vehicles in Germany before recalling models in the rest of Europe.

Source: Automotive News