Public driving days at 'Ring kick off with crashes.

The tourist rides season at Nurburgring has been opened with a nasty Nissan Skyline GT-R crash earlier this month.

Fans of the legendary German track are now allowed to use the circuit with their own cars and one unlucky owner of a black Nissan GT-R R34 had a bad experience, hitting the guardrails after losing control of the vehicle on a right corner. Bridge to Gantry reports both the driver and passenger were unhurt after the accident.

On the same day, another light crash was recorded on camera, this time involving a second generation Volkswagen Golf and a Porsche 911 GT3 (991).

As announced in the end of March, speed limits on the Nurburgring were lifted with the first start of the VLN Endurance Championship on April 2nd. The track now features new retaining fences and a number of track improvements to eliminate bumps in the road surface. Also, during races, there’s a new spectator-restricted zone.

Public rides on the ‘Ring are available during most of the time, except for the weekends with race events. Fans willing to take a one-lap ride will have to pay $33 (€29), while four laps in one hour cost $119 (€105). There’s also a season ticket for unlimited amount of laps at the price of $2,155 (€1,900).

  Source: Bridge to Granty and

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