Two jet engines versus two electric motors.

Australian airline Qantas has decided to put one of its Boeing 737s against a Tesla Model S in a high-speed duel.

The online world can’t stop buzzing about the recently launched Tesla Model 3, but it’s actually the Model S that dramatically changed people’s perception of electric vehicles back in 2012 when it was launched. Here to prove once again it has a place alongside the best machines of its time, the sedan is racing a Boeing 737 in a new video, published by the Australian airline Qantas.

The unusual duel was performed at the runway at Avalon Airport, southwest of Melbourne, Australia. There, one of the 67 Boeing 737-800s of Qantas with two jet engines faced the most powerful P90D version of the Model S with its 0-62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) acceleration in three seconds.

Qantas says the point of that race was not only to see who’s actually faster, but also to introduce a collaboration between the Californian EV maker and the Australian company. It will allow frequent flyers of Qantas to experience new Tesla vehicles and technologies, while Model S owners will get Qantas Club membership.

We won’t spoil it for you and will only tell you the Tesla was really hard to catch off at the start. At the other end of the track, the race ended when the aircraft did what it was designed to do, to fly.

Source: Qantas

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