WCF Motor1 transition approaching

Hello WorldCarFans readers,

In case you don’t know me, my name is John Neff and I’m the new Editor-in-Chief of Motor1.com. You may also know me from my former role as Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog.com for nearly ten years. I met Brian Potter, the founder of WorldCarFans, when I was new on the job at Autoblog, so we’ve known each other a very long time. I have so much respect for what he’s built with WorldCarFans, and I couldn’t be more happy to be working with him and his team on Motor1.com.

And that’s what I came here to tell you, that the time is fast approaching when WorldCarFans will become Motor1.com permanently. We’ve scheduled this for the end of April, and I want to assure you that everything you love about WorldCarFans will continue on Motor1.com after this happens. The current WorldCarFans team, every one of them, will be writing the majority of daily news articles for Motor1.com, and will be joined by more former Autoblog editors and some new writers we’ve asked to join us.

In addition to the fast, expansive coverage of automotive news you’ve come to expect from WorldCarFans, Motor1.com will also publish first drives and reviews of the latest new cars and trucks. We’re also going to bring you high quality, original videos and, of course, exhaustive coverage of the world’s biggest auto shows will remain a staple of what we do.

Worried? Nervous? Enraged? I completely understand; I don’t like it when my favorite websites change, either. If you have any questions or concerns you want to share with me, my door is always open. Email me directly at john.neff@motor1.com and I’ll do my best to give you a straight answer.

I’ll return a few more times before the end of April to remind you this is happening, and Brian himself will say the final goodbye to WorldCarFans on the day we move everyone over to Motor1.com. We’ve still got some time, though, so let’s enjoy this place a little while longer while looking forward to the new home that awaits us.

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