Your Porsche 911 is too shiny?

If you've ever wanted to get your new car looking like it's been already used for rallying, we finally have the solution.

Meet the guys from the Stockholm-based company WrapZone who are collaborating with the Los Angeles artist Scott Kepple to create a unique worn-looking vinyl car wrap. The so-called Patina wrap is currently limited to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Volkswagen Beetle, and Dodge Charger seen in the attached images.

The philosophy behind this wrap is to have the look of your vehicle like it’s just been found in a barn after at least 20 years of isolation. Add some racing “scratches” and a bit of rust on the side sills and you’ve got this mesmerizing look. Don’t forget about the classic Martini colors and matte black five twin-spoke alloy wheels the GT3 RS has that make it look even better.

The Swedish company that developed the idea has also worked on Jon Olsson’s projects and several other Gumball contenders.

Source: WrapZone via TheDrive

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