Suzuki has applied a considerable amount of camouflage on this prototype as if the car’s design is a big secret. You probably remember that a couple of weeks ago we published several official renders of the next-gen supermini, so the disguise on this car is pretty much futile.

Thankfully, those cheap-looking headlights you see are only temporary and will not be installed on the production car. It’s the same story with the taillights that are only used during the early testing phase. Despite the heavy camo, you can already observe the rear door handles are mounted up high near the C pillars.

This looks like an early prototype of the Swift which is a little bit odd as this would indicate an official reveal is not due in the near future. However, it is believed the fourth reincarnation of Suzuki’s supermini will be introduced in December and go on sale the next spring. The first to see the light of day will be the standard model currently being tested in prototype guise on public roads, with the Swift Sport arriving several months later.

The standard 2017 Swift is likely to get a 90-hp naturally-aspirated 1.2-liter DUALJET and perhaps the punchier 112-hp turbocharged 1.0-liter. As far as the Swift Sport is concerned, it will probably be equipped with a stronger turbocharged 1.4-liter that packs 140 hp in the Vitara S. The Swift Sport will also have beefier wheels, a sportier suspension setup, enlarged brakes, and a slightly more aggressive body with dual exhaust tips.

Expect more spy images to arrive in the following months with more evolved prototypes carrying production bits and pieces.

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