Spyker CEO Victor Muller recently hinted the company was working on a new four-door model and now the executive has confirmed it will be an updated version of the ill-fated Peking-to-Paris concept.

Set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in mid-November, the crossover will be powered by an undisclosed V12 engine.  Muller declined to elaborate but the executive has previously said the upcoming C12 will use a V12 engine sourced from a European manufacturer so it's possible the crossover could also use the same engine.

Buyers looking for something more eco-friendly won't be out of luck as Muller also confirmed the model will also be offered with an electric powertrain.  This particular variant will reportedly be unveiled in 2017 and benefit from the company's partnership with Volta Volaré.  Little else is known about the electric vehicle but Muller suggested the model would eschew lithium-ion batteries because he believes they are not cost-effective and suffer from degradation issues.

Despite confirming plans for an electric variant, Muller downplayed the possibility of seeing a plug-in hybrid model.  As he explained, even the best plug-in hybrids are "super-complicated" and a packaging nightmare.

Muller went on to say he has high hopes for the unnamed crossover as it was always his "long-held wish" to put the D12 Peking-to-Paris concept into production.  He also noted “You could say we were 10 years ahead of our time; today there are lots of luxury performance SUVs on the market, but then there were very few.”

Source: Autocar