The new permanent jobs are for GLC Coupe, C Class Cabriolet production.

The GLC Coupe has certainly sparked some controversy due to its unusual body style, but everyone will be delighted to hear the following news. Mercedes is transforming 200 temporary jobs into permanent ones at the assembly facility in Bremen, Germany where the crossover coupe is being put together. The extra workforce will also be in charge of manufacturing the C Class Cabriolet that was unveiled a month ago in Geneva.

Besides the C Class Cabriolet and GLC Coupe, at the same production facility in Bremen, Mercedes assembles eight other different models: C Class Sedan, Coupe, and Estate, E Class Coupe and Estate, GLC, SLC, and SL. More than 12,500 employees are in charge of assembling the ten models and the company is now “operating at high levels of capacity.” Bremen is actually the largest private employer in that area and won last year the “Factory of the Year” award in the large-scale production category.

The changes at the Bremen factory come as a result of an agreement signed last year between the plant’s management and works council. A transformation plan was approved to modernize and expand the facility requiring an investment of more than €750 million.

There are some rumors about the possibility of a GLC Cabriolet which if given the green light, it will likely be assembled at the same factory.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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