Porsche 911 caught fire yesterday during the 2016 DUB Show Tour.

It seems the 2016 New York Auto International Auto Show is literally going out with a bang after a Porsche 911 from the 993 generation went up in flames at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. It’s unclear at this point what caused the fire, but it is believed it had something to do with a malfunction of the car’s electrical system.

The good news is no injuries have been reported as everyone inside that section of the building was asked to move away from the burning car. Only the modified 993 Turbo had to suffer from the devouring flames, but judging by the aftermath picture it looks like the fire wasn’t that intense and most likely the car is still salvageable. The fire started from the back of the car and was eventually put out by a brave man with a fire extinguisher.  

According to WNBC, the New York Fire Department has not received any sort of incident reports related to the blaze, probably because it was minor and the fire was put out right away. We’ll keep you posted once we find out what caused the modified Porsche 993 Turbo (with a gigantic rear wing) to catch fire.

Source: nbcnewyork.com via autoblog.com