Fake bomb threat caused Honda a loss of at least $500,000.

30-year-old Jeffery H. Martinez admitted to detectives he was responsible for writing a threat on a bathroom wall on Tuesday, effectively threatening to bomb the factory. After one of the plant’s employees found the threat on Wednesday morning, company officials decided to send everyone home right away to avoid a potential disaster. The police arrived at the factory with bomb-sniffing dogs and a crew specialized in finding bombs, but did not find any sort of explosives.

Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton says the downtime has caused Honda a loss of at least $500,000 and added efforts will be made to make Martinez pay for these substantial losses. Investigators specified that Martinez did not have a motive for the bomb threat and he will face court on Friday morning.

To give you a little bit of background about the facility, Honda inaugurated the Marysville Auto Plant back in 1982 and this is the place where it made the first U.S.-built Accord in November of that year. Nowadays, the people working there are responsible for putting together the Accord, as well as the Acura ILX and TLX models.

Honda has a total of four plants in Ohio where almost 9,500 people work, including at the Performance Manufacturing Center where the second-gen Acura NSX is set to enter production at the end of April. The supercar is about to become the most expensive car manufactured in United States.

Source: dispatch.com

Marysville Auto Plant