London Taxi Co. will supply at least 1,000 cabs in Australia and New Zealand over the next five years.

Geely-owned London Taxi has inked a pretty major deal to provide select big cities in Australia and New Zealand with a minimum of 1,000 cabs over the next ten years. These cars will be imported from the company’s factory in Coventry, England where the TX4 is being assembled. As we speak, the city of Perth in Australia is already home to a taxi fleet consisting of about 100 TX4s.

A very familiar sight on the streets of London, the TX4 will be joined starting in 2017 in U.K.’s capital by the all-new TX5 revealed several months ago. It will be powered by a plug-in hybrid setup consisting of a front-mounted four-cylinder gasoline engine working with an electric motor and a battery pack. Full technical specs have not been revealed yet, but London Taxi says the new cab will be able to run on electric power for an “extended period.”

Volvo’s parent company Geely announced last year plans to establish a new assembly plant and R&D center for London Taxi in Ansty, close to the Coventry factory. This is the place where it will make as much as 36,000 units each year, representing ten times the production capacity of the plant in Coventry.

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