Looking good under the sun in The Big Apple.

The Bugatti Chiron is back in what could be the very first unofficial photo taken in a real world environment.

The echo of the grand Bugatti Chiron debut in Geneva still resounds nearly a month later and the vehicle is probably the biggest hit around the web now. Different kind of images, collages, and renderings of the supercar pop up from literally everywhere and we stumbled upon this photo, taken on the streets of New York.

We can’t be entirely sure what the French company’s latest creation is doing in the city but maybe it’s there shooting a new ad. We see it wearing the color scheme we saw in the capital of Switzerland earlier this month, combining light and dark blue hues. Judging by the LED daytime running lights, the engine of the machine was probably running during the photo shoot.

Last time we heard Bugatti talking about the Chiron, the company said it is opening a new showroom in Munich, Germany, that will be displaying and offering not only the car, but also special clothes from its Ettore Bugatti luxury clothing line. According to Bugatti, nearly ten percent of all 180 pre-orders for the Chiron already received come from Germany. Perhaps this is no surprise as “Southern Germany, with its center in Munich, is one of Bugatti’s top markets in Europe.”

Source: Bugatti Chiron (fan Facebook page)