Severn Valley Motorsport has fitted the Navara with an 800-hp V6 engine.

The Nissan Navara NP300 is not exactly what you would call tuning material, but that hasn’t stopped Shropshire-based SVM from turning it into a monster. Gone is the bi-turbodiesel 2.3-liter engine as the pickup truck in Double Cab guise has made the switch to the mighty biturbo 3.8-liter V6 taken from a GT-R R35.

Don’t think the work stopped there as the aftermarket specialists also bumped its output considerably. A regular 2017 GT-R puts out 565 horsepower, but in this modified Navara the six-cylinder churns a massive 800 hp. If that’s not impressive enough, Severn Valley Motorsport says it’s possible to squeeze a Bugatti Chiron-matching 1,500 hp.

Besides the engine transplant, the modified Navara has Godzilla’s dual-clutch six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive system. That being said, SVM mentions “anything is possible” and it can even install a manual gearbox sending all that power to the rear axle. It depends on how much customers are willing to spend, with pricing kicking off at approximately £175,000 ($251,840) before value added tax.

All in all, what SVM is doing is downright insane in the best possible way. The modified Navara is even more impressive than Nissan’s own bonkers Juke-R which also has the GT-R’s engine, but “only” with 600 hp. Luke Anthony from SVM says “we are open to the craziest of ideas”, so sky’s the limit when it comes to turning the Navara workhorse into a mind-blowingly fast machine.

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