Porsche’s latest video shows the origins of the rather stunning Mission E concept.

The Mission E is more than just a pretty face, it is Porsche’s way of saying it’s about ready to embrace an electric future. As explained in the clip, the concept unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show was actually functional as it used some of the bits and pieces from the 2011 Boxster E prototype.

The company’s very first all-electric production model will stay true to the concept since Porsche previously announced most of the design and technical specifications will remain the same. The adjacent video focuses on the car’s design which can be best described as a Panamera from the future and trust us when we say it looks even more stunning in metal.

While the suicide doors of the concept won’t make it to the production car, Porsche says it will implement something that will be “very close” to the Mission E. Moreover, the Stuttgart-based marque has promised the overall design of the car “will be very similar.”

Known internally as the “J1”, Porsche’s EV will remain faithful to the concept’s combined output of 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) coming from two electric motors. In the Mission E, it was enough punch to enable a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) run in around three and a 0-124 mph (0-200 kph) sprint in less than 12 seconds.

As for the battery pack, in the Concept E it had enough juice for a range of around 310 miles (500 kilometers) and Porsche has already confirmed the Turbo Charging system will make it to production. This means we should expect a recharge to an 80% level in around 15 minutes which will be enough for a range of approximately 248 miles (400 kilometers).

Set to open “a new chapter in the history of the sports car”, the Porsche EV is due around 2020 and will be the result of investing $784 million and hiring more than 1,000 people in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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