In a recent interview with Automotive News, Buick and GMC U.S. Vice President Duncan Aldred said the company has a "wonderful portfolio" that will soon consist of three sedans, three crossovers, and the Cascada convertible. 

Aldred used to be a big supporter of the Adam and even went as far as saying the car "would make a great Buick." However, he now contends "I wouldn't be looking for a small, B-segment car today."  The decision isn't terribly surprising as consumers continue to embrace crossovers and premium compact hatchbacks are still a pretty niche market in the United States.

While Aldred effectively ruled out the possibility of seeing the Adam on this side of the Atlantic, the executive wouldn't rule out a new flagship or halo vehicle in the future.  This could be good news for fans of the brand as people have been clamoring for a production version of the Avista and Avenir concepts.  Executives have previously downplayed the chances of seeing production variants but it appears the company isn't ready to give up on the idea entirely.

Source: Automotive News

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