Russian tuner TOPCAR is ready to make the Mercedes GLE Coupe even more opulent.

As if the standard "SUV coupe" wasn’t already imposing, TOPCAR’s “Inferno” tuning kit comes to butch it up even further thanks to a wide body conversion. The extended fenders corroborated with beefier side skirts and vents create a powerful profile while the front fascia hosts a muscular carbon hood, an aggressive bumper, and beefier air intakes.

The Mercedes GLE Coupe has also gone through some changes at the back where TOPCAR has fitted a massive diffuser joined by a reworked bumper. The more powerful visual impact provided by the body kit will set you back $19,117 (€17,080) and can be enhanced by a variety of ultra-light forged wheels ranging in sizes from 21 to 23 inches.

At an additional cost, buyers can opt for one of the numerous interior cabin customizations, including crocodile leather, carbon fiber trim, wood, and even 24-karat gold. According to the tuner, all of the exterior and interior components are compatible with the entire GLE Coupe range and most of the body parts are made from carbon fiber.

TOPCAR has a series of power package as well, bringing a bump in output of 87 hp & 123 Nm for the GLE 450, followed by an extra 125 hp & 149 Nm for the GLE 63, and 131 hp & 159 Nm if you have the flagship GLE 63 S Coupe.

Source: TOPCAR

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