New patent application indicates Hyundai is working on an RV featuring a gullwing door.

The idea of a recreational vehicle with a gullwing door is no doubt exciting, but it’s unclear at this point whether the patented hardware will actually be implemented in a production model. Take for example the recently introduced Lincoln Navigator Concept which has a gullwing door, but we already know from Lincoln it won’t make it to the road-going model.

The reason why car manufacturers put gullwing doors on concepts is to better show off the interior and that could be the case with these drawings as well. What makes the patent application more interesting is the sliding door like you see on a conventional minivan. This is a neat idea since a gullwing door necessitates a lot of room to open and that could prove to be quite tricky when the vehicle is parked close to another car.

In the patent application, Hyundai sees the gullwing door installed on a recreation vehicle (RV), but admits it is “hard and inconvenient to open” and it’s pretty much only useful when loading and unloading voluminous cargo. For the rest of the time, the regular sliding door provides access inside the cabin like in a regular van.

With this configuration, Hyundai is trying to offer the best of both worlds, but it remains to be seen whether there will actually be a production model with this dual-purpose door layout.

Source: Hyundai via

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