Renault could turn to Daimler to supply the engines for the future Alpine models.

Renault is gearing up to launch the first vehicle from the revived Alpine brand and AutoExpress claims the French company could ask Mercedes-AMG to deliver the engines. While the information is pretty vague at the moment, Renault has an agreement with Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler through the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The two sides cooperate on sharing platforms and drivetrains.

Renault’s executive vice president for product and planning Bruno Ancelin hinted AMG engines are a possible solution for the new Alpine brand. It is expected to launch a production version of the Alpine Vision concept later this year and more models will follow in the coming years.

“We have two solutions,” Ancelin commented. “Either we take one [engine] that is available in the Alliance and we fine tune it for more power. Or we can buy on the market. I heard in the presentation of the new DB11 from Aston Martin they are buying their V8s from AMG. That is possible, too. We have some cooperation with Daimler. We can buy engines on the market – there is no problem to share that.”

Most likely, the first production model of Alpine will use a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol unit, while the bigger cars that will follow could use six-cylinder units. Still, there’s no exact information on what the brand is planning for the future, but Ancelin says “we could have coupe, cabriolet, we could have a hatchback; we could have everything that is usable in a sporty brand.”

Source: AutoExpress

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