Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the GLC Coupe and a new report indicates the company could also develop a convertible version of the vehicle.

While this move sounds quite unexpected at this point, we won’t be very surprised if Mercedes takes the path Land Rover created with the open-top Range Rover Evoque. Convertible SUVs could become the next big hit and the German automaker wants to be among the first to offer a model in this new segment.

Autocar reports a Mercedes executive recently hinted at a possible GLC Cabriolet. Speaking to the magazine, Michael Kelz, chief engineer for the GLC, CLS, and E-Class, commented that he is a fan of the Evoque Convertible. He also added the GLC Cabriolet project could be viable thanks to the rise in popularity of drop-top SUVs

“It would be fun, and it’s actually not that much of an engineering challenge,” Kelz declared.

However, at the moment there’s no space for such a model in the portfolio of the company. If the automaker gives the project the green light, another model from the lineup would have to be axed, our source also says.

Source: Autocar