You might know ECD Automotive Design for its restoration-modification projects involving Land Rovers, specifically classic Defenders. The American company has gained notoriety by offering an option to give these British off-roaders a heart transplant using Tesla powertrains, among others.

This time, ECD announces a new project that doesn't involve Land Rovers but is still within the family). The Florida-based company has given us a preview of restored and modified Jaguar E-Type units. And just like the Defender, ECD also offers Tesla powertrain update for the E-Type, bringing modern technology into the classic, gorgeously designed coupe from the '60s.

Gallery: Classic Jaguar E-Type Restoration by ECD

The Tesla powertrain offered by ECD comes with 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts) that's good for 200 miles of travel within the city (140 miles on the highway). Charge time is eight hours, according to ECD.

Built to the customer's specifications, ECD offers a multitude of paint options for your Jaguar E-Type restoration order, ranging from historic to modern colors – the latter coming from Jaguar's 2023 lineup. Both are available in roadster and coupe forms.

Likewise, the interior can also be had with a multitude of options. Nappa leather comes standard but you have the liberty to upgrade to Spinneybeck leathers that are either distressed, hand-tipped, or have a leather-weave pattern. 

If a battery-operated Jaguar E-Type doesn't tickle your fancy, you can opt for internal combustion engines offered by ECD. There's the GM-sourced 450-hp LT1 V8 engine with 8-speed transmission sourced from the Chevy Corvette, or you can go full historic with either an inline-six or V12 that requires higher maintenance.

ECD prices its E-Type restoration/modification project from $299,995, which of course varies depending on the options that customers will go for along the way. If you're interested, you might want to hurry as only 10-12 units are to be built per year, and nine are already on order as of this writing. 

The first Jaguar E-Type restored units will be completed by Spring 2023 and will have electric Tesla drivetrains.

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