Subaru provided a sneak preview of the 2017 Impreza to a select crowd last night in New York, prior to the model’s full reveal set for later today.

Only the sedan was on display, but we do know from Subaru the hatchback will also be introduced today in NY in less than ten hours. The car shown in the attached images is the 2.0i Sport and unsurprisingly it’s not as exciting as the concept from last year. It does look a little bit more youthful than the model it is about to replace, but we are sure many were hoping to see more of the concept’s styling rub off onto the production car.

As far as the interior is concerned, it’s not that much different compared to the outgoing model, but it does look a little bit more refined. Chances are the cabin is now roomier as we expect the new Impreza to grow in size, and some of the added length will be in the wheelbase. Subaru has already said the switch to the new global platform will bring a more comfortable ride thanks to lower NVH levels.

From what we know so far, the newly developed Subaru Global Platform is 70% to 100% more rigid and brings a 50% decrease in body roll, so we should expect more precise handling. A weight loss is likely on the agenda as well, but details are scarce right now.

Source: Subaru

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