Ferrari has finished restoring a lovely 225E that sustained serious damages after being devoured by flames.

Ferrari has finished restoring a lovely 225E that sustained serious damage after being devoured by flames.

It was in May 1952 when the 225E chassis no. 0178 left the Maranello factory when its first owner took delivery. Very soon after receiving the keys, Count Antonio Sterzi took the car racing at the iconic Mille Miglia where he was accompanied by co-driver Nino Rovelli. In June the very same year, the Ferrari 225E triumphed in the Coppa della Toscana with Bruno Sterzi who also won the Bolzano-Mendola hill climb and the Coppa InterEuropa at Monza.

In its history, the car switched several owners and at one point it was involved in a serious fire that caused “severe damage.” Luckily, the engine was saved and during the 80s there was an attempt to restore the body. However, the car remained undriveable. But now, after almost two years of receiving Ferrari’s finest TLC, the car has been entirely restored by the experts at Ferrari Classiche.

It was a difficult task to resurrect the car as Ferrari did not have the necessary documentation regarding the car’s interior. The folks from Maranello had to examine similar Ferraris that were built during that time to make sure the cabin would be as close to the original as possible. The two-tone 225E has now returned to the road after the engineers fully reconditioned its engine.

Source: Ferrari

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