There's nothing else in the automotive landscape quite like the GMC Hummer EV. You already know it's a massive SUV both in size and weight. You also know it's supremely powerful and fast, but did you know its snazzy taillights cost $3,000... each?

Actually, the cost is $3,045.48 according to The Drive, which confirmed the figure as the list price from General Motors. Again, that's for one taillight, and that doesn't include tax. Should the Hummer EV be involved in some kind of accident that wipes out the backside, that's a bill of $6,090.96 for just the lights.

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We don't know how difficult they are to remove and replace, but with tax and labor factored in, a $7,000 repair bill for just two GMC Hummer EV taillights isn't out of the question. Even in the crazy world of used car prices right now, that kind of cash will net you a decent sedan or SUV. Like, an entire vehicle that you can drive, with functioning lights even.

Why are these Hummer EV lenses so expensive? We pinged GMC about that and are awaiting a reply, but the electric HumVee's taillights aren't just bits of red plastic with a big H stamped into them. Long gone are the days of relays commanding light bulbs to blink – software and microprocessors control the Hummer EV's taillights, with The Drive pointing out that processors are built into the lenses. It certainly looks cool for turning or stopping, but the tech is very pricey should you accidentally back into the workbench in the garage. 

Whether or not there's more to the taillight price is unclear, and we're looking forward to hearing what GMC has to say about it. Even with a microchip shortage and supply chain issues, 3 grand for a single taillight seems a touch excessive. Of course, we're also dealing with an exclusive luxury SUV that costs around $110,000, if you can find one that doesn't have a dealer markup. Only 782 have been delivered thus far in 2022, and with news of the taillight price spreading like wildfire, we suspect those owners will be exceedingly careful when venturing off-road.

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