Allow us a moment to introduce the co-stars of this short, strange, and at times awkward video from Volvo. We have Efficiency, a Volvo FH big rig, and Fun, also an FH truck. Both are silver, both tow white trailers, and now that we're typing this out, that makes this even more creepy because they're essentially identical twins. But we digress.

We're accustomed to talking about Volvo cars at, but the company's semi-trucks are the stuff of legend. The FH series launched in 1993, with the current generation dating to 2012. In 2019, Volvo launched the I-Save system for the FH which essentially combines software, tech systems, and better low-end power from its engines to increase fuel efficiency. But can efficient driving also be fun driving? You probably see where this is going.

That brings us back to the video, which is supposed to promote Volvo's FH trucks with I-Save in a clever way. Over the course of 58 seconds we see Efficiency and Fun meet, go on a road trip, hold hands tires, and just like every melodramatic love story, there's a tumultuous tumble of entwined trucks (say that 10 times fast ... we'll wait) frolicking on a beach. Suddenly, we're flashing back to these trucks being identical in pretty much every way. Definitely creepy.

At the end of the video, we get the real message: fun meets efficiency in the Volvo FH with I-Save. We actually missed it the first time through because of that torrid beach love scene, but hey, credit to Volvo for daring to be different.

"We are very proud of the I-Save features, and with this love story we want to give those features the attention they deserve," said Peter Franzén, product manager for engines at Volvo Trucks. "For our customers, I-Save has come to stand for outstanding fuel economy and great driveability, and the majority of the Volvo FH trucks we sell today are equipped with I-Save.

As for Efficiency and Fun, they eventually married and settled down in a quiet neighborhood east of Östersund. Efficiency is work-from-home IT manager, while Fun runs a 1980s-themed barcade.

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