Venturing off the beaten path for a relaxing weekend in the wild is still extremely popular. Australian Off Road (AOR) has catered to the camping crowd for over 20 years in its home country, and now the Queensland-based manufacturer is reaching out to the US market with two overlanding micro trailers.

The Sierra and Sierra ZR are available now through XGRiD Campers in Las Vegas, representing the smallest AOR models. Of the pair, the ZR is the smallest of the small but still includes 52 gallons of fresh water, an available 300Ah lithium battery pack, a shower, and a plethora of customizable racks for the side kitchen. It doesn't contain sleeping quarters within, but it's set up for a rooftop tent that can be added at purchase, or later on should the buyer so desire. Perhaps more importantly, it weighs less than 2,000 pounds and is designed for serious off-road use with a 40.7-degree departure angle.

Gallery: AOR Sierra, Sierra ZR Micro Camper Trailers

Despite being slightly larger, the Sierra is even more capable in rugged terrain with a 41-degree departure angle. It checks in with a dry weight of just over 2,000 pounds, due in part to a standard-issue double bed inside the trailer. It also features a side kitchen, though you'll find a built-in sink and counter amid the customizable slide-out shelves.

AOR Sierra ZR Micro Camper Trailer
AOR Sierra Micro Camper Trailer

Like the ZR, 52 gallons of fresh water are standard and a 300Ah battery is available. For additional sleeping space, the Sierra can take a rooftop tent and there's an outdoor shower as well. A Redarc RedVision power management system is included on both trailers.

Pricing for the Sierra and Sierra ZR can vary depending on optional equipment. XGRiD currently has a Sierra starting at $42,500, with a Sierra ZR selling for $31,500. Larger models from AOR are expected to arrive in 2023.

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