Remember the Ford Excursion? It only lived for a single generation through the early 2000s, departing the scene in 2005. It was crowned the biggest, heaviest mass-produced SUV of them all, and it still holds that title. The GMC Hummer EV might steal the crown when it eventually comes to market, but that's not important right now. You want to see 5.5 tons of SUV going places it has no right to reach. And reach it does.

This rig is so cool we have two videos plugged in for this article. Both come from Busted Knuckle Films on YouTube, with the clip at the top showcasing the custom rig tackling Hell's Revenge at Moab. That includes the infamous climb known as Hell's Gate, which the Excursion pulls off in a rather dramatic fashion. At one point, the passenger front wheel is several feet off the ground. But a steady hand from the driver and good directions from the spotter keep the SUV out of trouble.

It's certainly the most dramatic of the videos, but the second one is arguably the most picturesque. It showcases another tough trail at Moab called Top of the World, which leads to a ledge with a commanding view of pretty much everything. The trail starts out easy enough, but it soon turns very rocky. Through it all, the big Ford and its turbocharged 7.3-liter diesel don't miss a beat.

Obviously we're not dealing with a stock Excursion. Numerous videos at Busted Knuckle Films chronicle the build, which includes a coilover suspension conversion and a hefty lift among many other items. It's also outfitted for overlanding with onboard water, a cooler, a rooftop tent, slide-out storage, and other items for proper off-road adventuring.

Based on Ford's Super Duty truck chassis, a bone stock Excursion weighs upwards of 7,500 pounds. The modifications on this particular build add quite a bit to that, with both videos stating it's an 11,300-pound monster in current trim. We shudder to think about fuel mileage, but the upgrades certainly give this heavyweight some surprising capabilities when the going gets tough.

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