Ice fishing often requires lugging a shanty out onto the ice for protection from the elements. A converted 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier attempts to simplify this process by combing the car and the ice shanty into one contraption.

This Chevy Cavalier ice shanty is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and it's located in Maine. The only remaining bit of the Chevrolet are portions of the front clip, with everything from the A-pillars back replaced by the hut. The fenders are gone, exposing the chained tires, and a piece of wood has replaced the front bumper. The hood and headlights are still there, though, and there's a strange wooden box between the car and the shanty.

Gallery: Chevrolet Cavalier Ice Shanty

Inside, there's a wood stove with a chimney poking out of the front. A storage rack sits above it. The vehicle's controls stick out of the wall, with the instrument panel attached to a makeshift wooden dash. The shift lever is mounted sideways on the floor. The photos don't show any controls for the accelerator or brake, but there are undecipherable things attached near the steering wheel. The available images don't show off the entire interior space, including the drop-down table, the radio, and more.

The car isn't road legal. There aren't any photos of the rear, and we doubt there's a place for a license plate. It also looks like the back of the shanty sits directly on the ground, and that design won't fly on public roads. The car ran and drove when the owner parked it two years ago, but it's unknown if it's still operational today. The seller is asking $2,000 for it.

Cars have served as mobile homes in the past, so converting one to a portable ice shanty seems natural. It might not be the most fun vehicle to drive, but driving isn't its primary purpose. It's designed to keep its occupants warm, the fish cold, and the outside elements from ruining a great day of fishing. The wood stove, chairs, and table provide all the ambiance one needs.

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