UPDATE: "A communications module will be replaced," a Subaru spokesperson told us about the details of the repair.

There's a stop sale for some units of the 2023 Subaru Outback and Legacy. A post from an alleged dealer on the Subaru subreddit first brought the issue to Motor1.com's attention, and we reached out to the automaker for more details.

"2023 Legacy and Outback models may experience network service issues that can impact the vehicle’s ability to make in-vehicle voice calls via Subaru Starlink connected vehicle services," a Subaru spokesperson told Motor1.com.

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The base trims of the Outback and Legacy models are not affected by this issue but all other grades need a repair before delivery to customers.

Subaru would not confirm the total number of vehicles affected, but the company tells us that vehicles currently in production at the factory are not impacted by the stop sale. 

"We expect Subaru retailers to begin repair of affected units starting as soon as next week," the spokesperson told us. The company said it was still finalizing the exact remedy process. 

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The person who started the thread on Reddit claimed that the problem was that the SOS button might not have called for help if someone pressed it or the vehicle was in a wreck. The person said that a customer was still able to buy an affected car, but dealers weren't able to deliver the model until the repair is in place.

In 2021, the Outback was nearly Subaru's bestselling product by tallying 154,623 deliveries. Only the Forester beat it by moving 154,723 units. Plus, the company sold 22,766 examples of the Legacy in 2021.

The Outback and Legacy both receive refreshed styling for the 2023 model year. They also have upgrades to the driver assistance system, including a wider field of view and updated control software. Models with the 11.6-inch infotainment system get wireless functionality for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 2023 Outback starts at $29,620 for the base trim and goes as high as $43,520 for the Touring XT. The Legacy begins at $25,415, and the range-topping Touring XT is $38,715.

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