It was back in November last year when our spies caught the next Audi A5 Sportback on camera and now another prototype was spotted while conducting a series of tests in a cold climate.

Set to arrive later this year, the all-new A5 Sportback will ride on the same MLB Evo as the A4 Sedan from where it will inherit most of the design. As you would expect from the Sportback, it will lose some of the sedan’s practicality in favor of a sleeker body that will have a lot in common with the outgoing model.

As you can easily see, Audi is once again playing it safe in terms of design, opting for an evolution rather than a revolution. The current A5 has always been one of the prettiest models adorned by the four-ring logo, so it shouldn’t be a problem the new one will adopt a very similar body, albeit sharpened up as demonstrated by the A4.

Although you can’t really tell from these images, the new A5 Sportback is bound to grow in size a little bit, but at the same time it will lose some weight. In the A4’s case, the switch to the MLB Evo hardware enabled a healthy diet of up to 264 pounds (120 kg). The engine lineup will obviously mirror the sedan’s, all the way up to the S5 which might be available from day one with the new 354-hp V6 3.0-liter TFSI engine powering the S4. It will eventually be followed by a full-blown RS5 that will probably use a beefier configuration of the same engine and possibly with e-turbo technology.

Audi has already confirmed the new A5 Sportback will be out later this year, following the launch of the A5 Coupe. These will be joined in 2017 by the A5 Cabriolet which as you might have guessed already will also come in meaty S and RS flavors.