A car traveling at 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) covers 88 feet per second. That’s a football field of pavement, including end zones, passing by about every four seconds. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention when you’re behind the wheel because bad things can happen when you don’t.

Two videos posted to Reddit’s IdiotsInCars show a distracted truck driver careening off the road. The clips show the chaos from three angles – one out the front of the cab and two pointed inside at the driver.


The driver looks down at his lap, attempting to cut something with scissors, when the truck’s driver-side tires drop off the side of the road. He re-grips the wheel with both hands, scissors still clutched between his fingers, attempting to steer the truck back onto the road, but it doesn’t go as planned.


The driver overcorrects when both tires return to the pavement, sending the truck across the road and off the other side. The truck strikes down a yellow road sign that flies away like a well-timed comedic bit before narrowly missing an electrical pole and bouncing from the rough ground. The truck careens down the side of the road, missing a second and third electrical pole before striking a chainlink fence. It stops just feet from a white garage-like building.

The driver, who is wearing a seatbelt, is tossed around during the crash, flailing in the cab. However, while he’s likely banged up, he doesn’t appear too injured, readjusting his glasses when the video clip ends. He’s fortunate he didn’t hurt himself with the scissors, which could have caused serious injuries.

When one or two tires drop off the pavement, it’s best to move a bit further off, keeping the other two tires on the road. You should slow down and ease the tires back onto the road. Doing it too quickly can be dangerous. That’s not what this truck driver did, quickly trying to correct the issue and learning a tough lesson about vehicle control in the process. The video might be from 2021, but it’s a good reminder to alway pay attention to road ahead. This could have ended much worse. 

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