Subaru was light on specifics but said the platform will deliver a more dynamic driving experience as well as a more comfortable ride with reduced noise, vibration, and harshness.  In order to achieve this, the platform will have a lower center of gravity and a more rigid structure.  Speaking of the latter, Subaru says the new platform will be 70% to 100% more rigid than outgoing platforms.

The platform will also have a new rear stabilizer that is directly mounted to the body.  The company says this will reduce body roll by 50% compared to outgoing models.

Since the platform will be used to underpin a variety of different vehicles, it has been designed to accommodate petrol and diesel engines as well as plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains.  

In a statement, Fuji Heavy Industries President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga said "This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind.”

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