UK racing team Synchro Motorsport has prepared a Honda Civic Tourer Type R as a one-off special model.

The car started out life as a standard 2014 Civic Tourer and received the Type R makeover from the engineers at Synchro Motorsport. The 306 horsepower engine was carried over from the latest Civic Type R hatchback from where the high-performance estate also borrowed the six-speed manual transmission and suspension.

Work continued with the brakes and quad exhaust system also sourced from the hatchback while the rear diffuser has been adapted for the Tourer. The interior cabin has received the Type R treatment as well, with body-hugging front seats and the typical red accents.

Synchro Motorsport has not disclosed performance details, but we estimate the Civic Tourer Type R runs the sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 5.9 seconds taking into account the hatchback needs 5.7 seconds. The difference comes from the estate’s slightly heavier body which also decreases the top speed compared to the hatch’s 167 mph (270 kph.)

Don’t get your hopes up too high as an official Civic Tourer Type R won’t happen, at least not derived from the current FK2 hatchback. Honda has already commenced testing procedures for the next-gen Civic Type R, but it’s too early to say whether an estate is on the agenda.

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