Cars and wildlife rarely mix, with deer, moose, and raccoons capable of causing thousands of dollars of damage if you hit one. But in some parts of the country, not even parked cars are safe, as one ViralHog video demonstrates. It shows a bear casually opening the door to a GMC Sierra Denali and climbing inside, but one onlooker wasn't having any of it, accosting the bear and forcing it out of the vehicle before it could do too much damage.

The video, shot from a passing Jeep Wrangler, shows the bear casually walking up to the Sierra, grabbing the chrome door handle, opening it, and climbing inside like it was their own vehicle. The bear even used the power-extending sidestep to help itself get in. The video contains two clips from onlookers, with the second person getting out of the car and approaching the wild animal. The woman begins yelling at the bear, telling it "No" and to "Get out." And it listened.

By the time the woman, identified as Marisa, gets to the Sierra, the bear is at the driver's door with a plastic bag of candy clutched in its teeth. The bear looks at the woman and contemplates its life decisions before dropping the bag and hopping out. The bag lands perfectly upright on the sidestep.

The bear doesn't go after the woman, instead beelining it around the back of the GMC. The person in the Jeep calls to Marisa as the bear scurries away, but she reassures the driver by repeating, "It's fine," which is not something most people would say standing face-to-face with a hungry bear.

According to the video description, the incident happened late last month in Lake Tahoe, California and Marisa is a lifetime resident of the area. The animal would have destroyed the truck's interior if she hadn't stopped the bear. Their big claws aren't ideal for modern car cabins filled with screens.

He's a bit lean for Fat Bear Week, which is happening right now, but winter is coming, and bears of all sorts are filling up before entering hibernation. We hope this bear was able to pack on the pounds without causing any property damage.

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