Porsche has been selling cars online since 2019 and the service is available in 32 countries. A future customer can also search for available inventory in 100 markets before contacting their local dealer. The Zuffenhausen-based automaker is taking its online platform further by allowing users to configure cars and order them directly online. This service is initially offered at home in Germany, with Spain and Portugal to follow in the next weeks.

Up until now, the only way to purchase a Porsche online was by choosing from one of the existing vehicles, either new or used. If none of them tickle your fancy and you're willing to wait several months to have your ideal spec delivered, now you have that option. To turn a preorder into an actual purchase, you'll still have to a visit, so Porsche isn't cutting out the middleman.

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In related news, the Porsche Car Configurator itself has been overhauled. You can now check out the vehicles in even greater detail as most of the optional features are now visually represented for the first time. We're being promised even greater quality in terms of replicating the car's specification, right down to the miscellaneous items such as decorative stitching.

You can access the international version of the visualizer at the source link below and you'll immediately discover it has a new look. Whether you're configuring a 718 Boxster or a Taycan, there's an exceptionally long list of options. Indeed, the quick-to-respond builder is extremely vast and includes upgrades like a body-colored leather key pouch, a smoker package, and pre-wiring for front/rear dashcams. From what we can tell, the only feature missing is Paint to Sample, which still must be done at a dealership.

Porsche says it will introduce the option to preorder customer-configured vehicles to many more European countries later in 2023.

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