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The Final Destination horror movie franchise has a formulaic structure where a person has a premonition of a disaster and saves a group of people from violent deaths. From there, everyone involved dies in convoluted ways because no one can cheat death. Of course, Final Destination is just a film, but an anxious person might feel stressed about the future after the incident in this video. 

The doorbell camera films a quiet street with lots of tall, mature trees. There's not even a breeze blowing through their limbs. A car drives by, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. As the vehicle exits the frame, a cracking sound becomes audible. It's not clear where the noise is coming from, though. 

While this snapping noise is happening, a crossover enters the frame going from the left to the right. A tree limb hanging over the road breaks, just as the vehicle drives underneath it.

The timing is just right that the crossover is completely unscathed. The camera only offers a limited view of the road, but it doesn't even looks like the driver slows down afterward. The person might not even have noticed the potential calamity. 

If this driver was going just a bit slower or left home a little earlier going the same speed, this would have been a very different video. The tree limb would have landed on the hood or roof of the crossover. The impact probably wouldn't have injured anyone but could have damaged the car. It would have been enough to ruin a person's day.

The writers of the Final Destination franchise are fans of using car crashes in the films. In fact, three of the five entries use wrecks as their inciting incidents. In the second film, there's a multi-vehicle highway wreck. The Final Destination starts at a stock car race, and Final Destination 5 is about vehicles stuck on a bridge collapse. Plus, there are automotive-adjacent stunts in the other movies.

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